Clash of Commanders-Iron Tides is a MMO strategy game based on World War II (WWII).

WARNING: Clash of Commanders-Iron Tides is an addicting game with fierce competition and not suitable for children under 13 years old.

From the iron tides of tanks to the fire rains of artilleries, all those destructive forces of the Second World War are at your disposal. 

Your mission is to build and fortify your city, raise an unstoppable army, recruit legendary WWII Generals to be your staff, forge alliance with your friends and destroy your enemies to dominate the world.


 Free to play MMO Strategy Game

 Build & customize your very own war-mongering Stronghold

 Realistic WWII Armament 

 Legendary WWII Officers

 Most strategic battles

 Strong bound and in-depth cooperation between Alliance Members

 Strategic Diplomacy and Brutal Forces are equally important

 Conquer the Wonder and become the Supreme Leader of the World

 Use your Political Power to award your friends and punish your enemies

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